Hi, I’m Vic!

I started wondering about the relationship between nutrition and performance in high school when I was running cross-country and track. My endurance and speed weren’t where I wanted them, so I started experimenting with plant-based eating. 

The change was almost immediate – my times got faster, my recovery improved, and I felt stronger and fitter than I ever had before. Nutrition really does make a difference for athletes.

Lots of athletes know this, but the problem is that they don’t know how to fuel. This is especially true for many athletes who eat a plant-centered diet. I’ve spent the last 13+ years honing my nutrition knowledge and fueling skillset so that I can help athletes know what, when and how to eat for optimal performance and overall health.

I’ve competed at a high level in triathlons, trail races and ultra-marathons, and mountain bike racing.

I love moving through wild places as efficiently as possible, and my goal is to help other outdoor athletes do the same.

I’ve taught nutrition education to collegiate sports teams, and have coached triathletes, mountain athletes, and runners throughout the world. I know what it takes to get you on the podium.