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Who do I work with?

I do nutrition coaching with all sorts of outdoor athletes: trail and ultra runners, triathletes, cyclists, skiers, climbers. If your playground is the outdoors, I got you. And no, you don't need to be vegan to work with me!

What services do I offer?

My coaching program includes one-on-one weekly video calls, with regular contact in between calls. I also offer group/team seminars as well as single consultations or strategic planning sessions.

What does coaching look like?

Coaching includes a weekly zoom or phone call with me, usually lasting about 30-45 minutes. The most important piece of weekly coaching is accountability. We'll review your past week together and talk about the objective(s) that you were working on. We'll discuss what worked, what didn't, and what you're going to do to adapt. This is where I guide you towards proven fueling strategies, and supply any nutrition education needed to move forward successfully. Then we set new objectives for the following week, and you get back out there to crush them!

Is nutrition your missing link?

Imagine your ideal self in a few months...crushing your workouts, in love with your food, confident in your fueling plan, and comfortable and proud of your strong, healthy body. THAT'S where we're going.